You might be wondering who is Gaby and what is Back 2 Work Mom all about? Well, I studied my B.A. in International Relations in Mexico, my M.S. in National Security Studies at the American Military University while pregnant with my second baby. I am currently pursuing a Doctoral degree in Sustainable Entrepreneurship Development, yeah I know, what a mouthful, right?

But hear me out.

I started B2WM because I believe that women-owned businesses are seeds delivering change to their families, communities, and society in general. As mothers, we want to leave our children a better world, a safer and more just world where they can thrive.

I have pivoted the format of this blog so many times, however, the main focus remains the same: helping mothers starting a business, become financially independent and build assets.

After many endless nights, failures, and brainstorming sessions, I found my purpose: Mentoring and Women Entrepreneurship

Luckily, in the short term, I can put into practice one side of my purpose as a SCORE mentor.

The second side of my purpose will take more time to achieve, however, every journey starts with the first step.

My long term goal is to start a nonprofit with the mission to transform women-owned businesses into catalysts of social change, economic development, and stability for their communities.

I envision thriving communities with women-owned businesses enhancing and improving the quality of life of their residents. Communities with strong roots, that if the young adults migrate is because they want to do so, but never because they have to as a result of insecurity and lack of opportunities.

I tried a new hairstyle today It's called _I tried_10 Facts about Gaby Rendon

  1. Regia by birth, globetrotter by heart. Can’t think of settling down any time soon (WIFI is a must, though)
  2. My house looks like a zoo with dogs, cats, geckos, chameleons, and water dragons roaming around the rooms… I believe I’ll need a ranch soon.
  3. I drink coffee and diet coke, not the healthiest I know.
  4. Nothing makes me happier than enjoying a martini reading a good book.
  5. Volunteering is in my DNA, can’t stop even if I tried, it just feels SO good doing good.
  6. Board games bore me, but I play along on Friday’s game night, kiddos you know.
  7. Business owner, public servant, business owner, public servant. I believe I see a pattern here.
  8. Persistent, can’t stop thinking about a problem until I solve it. I’m a Capricorn, maybe that’s why.
  9. Love online learning. Juggling motherhood and a Doctoral degree -no pressure here-
  10. I’m a Certified Mentor

Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

I hope your life be filled with love, joy, and grace.

Gaby Rendon
You can find me on LinkedIn or at SCORE