This past couple of weeks have been difficult, a roller coaster set of emotions. I knew since the beginning that mentoring was not going to be easy. For me, it is not a business or a chore. It is a purpose. I’ve experienced the heartbreak that accompanies closing your businessContinue Reading

For everyone in the content creation industry, sure enough, your income comes from affiliate marketing, advertisement, online courses, or traffic, and your revenue is practically zero because of the current situation. Sadly, you cannot file for unemployment benefits or small business assistance from the state.  But we are not theContinue Reading

Prospecting is essential to any sales endeavor but is often overlooked or poorly implemented. For prospecting to be successful, it must become both a priority and a habit. Nowadays, it is crucial the understanding of social media tools to generate leads. Moreover, we have to choose our methods appropriately. EveryContinue Reading