When do you need a Mentor? There is no simple answer, but somewhere along with your business plan or idea, you’ll have questions that not necessarily have easy answers. If you are in that precise moment, it is time to look for a business mentor who has the experience and has a deep understanding of what you want to achieve as a business owner.

What is the difference between a mentor and a strategist?

mentor takes a holistic view of your life and career. Mentors recommend, suggest, and offer your guidance and resources.

A strategist focuses on specific issues and areas of development (in this case, your business), setting goals, determining the best possible actions to achieve the goals, and helping you make educated decisions to execute the actions.

When do you need a Strategist?

When you hit a wall that requires a hands-on approach, you need a strategist.

Whenever you decide to work with a strategist, pro-bono, or not, it is a commitment that focuses on results. If you are not willing to work the extra mile to make it real, you shouldn’t work with a strategist.

However, if you choose to invest and commit to achieving your goals, I’m here for you!

Join my Facebook Group and gain access to:

  • Mentoring and Brainstorming
  • Social Media Latests Tips and Tricks
  • Training

We will be working together for 45 minutes on a 1:1 session, setting goals, and determining the best possible actions to achieve them.

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Women Empowering Women

Back 2 Work Mom is for every woman looking to start a business. Of course, I focus on moms, but it is for every woman out there.

Too early to start a non-profit but never too late to do good, I opened a Facebook Group Back 2 Work Mom Club to support women-owned businesses with social media marketing tips, networking, and training.

In B2WM Club, all group mentoring sessions and brainstorming sessions are free.


  • Why? Because without access to resources, we can’t grow our business, and not everyone has extra cash saved to invest in tools.
  • What will you find in my Facebook Group? I will be sharing FREE resources, practical tools, and brainstorming sessions to set business goals, learn about set social media ads that convert and the latest tips and tricks in digital marketing.
  • What is Back 2 Work Mom Club all about? Mentoring, Women Empowerment, Social Change, Making Money From Home, and Building Assets.
  • How do you book a strategy session? You don’t, strategy sessions are exclusive to B2WM club members on a case by case settings.


Podcast Coming Soon

Stay tuned because very soon I’ll be launching my podcast: Mommy Makes Money From Home.

This podcast is all about business ideas for moms, social media marketing, and e-commerce. Of course, parenting and everything in between that we have to deal with while we work from home.

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