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These are the best job search websites for a career change, women-focused, part-time employment, flexible schedule, remote, and online jobs.


  • LinkedIn ¬†Professional connections and recruitment opportunities with InMail if you upgrade to premium, not worth it if you won’t be contacting the recruiters, the job board is easy to browse. I don’t like it that much because of the recruiting agencies “copy-pasting” jobs that are either no longer available or click baits to their landing page, just be careful.
  • Indeed¬†¬† Mix feelings about this one, swift and excellent search engine. However, the resume builder is a pain in the neck, slow and not user-friendly, if you are looking for “boxed” jobs (your resume must match the description), then Indeed is for you.
  • Monster. I get the best info for job descriptions and salaries, but the spam is unbearable! Not from Monster but from HR agencies that seem sketchy. Again, just be careful.
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  • The Mom Project. I was elated when I stumbled with this website, I believed it was a sign! Job search for moms, just for us, great project, but it has its caveats, not enough jobs and only in the few cities. I know The Mom Project will get better and expand, so keep it in your favorites.
  • The Fairygodboss is the “largest career community for women, providing free resources and a safe, inclusive environment for highly motivated women to connect with other career-minded individuals and help one another to succeed”. Great place to find jobs and online networking.

Paid membership (plan your budget)

  • Flexjobs I love this platform, I am a member since 2013 and got my part-time jobs as a transcriptionist, and a translator, no scams and 100% legit.
  • Hiremymom works different from Flexjobs, it is local (Texas) and focuses on small businesses that want to hire moms, for a small fee, you can access the database and look for jobs.

Career Re-entries Services

  • iRelaunch, from Carol Fishman Cohen, is a program mainly focused on STEM, but of course, there are other opportunities for anyone looking to re-enter the workforce after a gap.
  • Parents Pivot, founded by Anna McKay, “is an online resource hub that focuses on helping people who have paused their career for parenthood reconnect with their professional selves and return to paid, meaningful work.”


I am not affiliated with any of the opportunities or job search websites, and I receive no compensation for it.