I help stay-at-home moms to start a business because small businesses are the backbone of a nation and they make communities thrive!  Any mom with passion and drive can become a successful entrepreneur as long as they put their mind writing a business plan and focusing on the kind of product and service that solves a problem. You don’t even need office space anymore! Most of us are working from home, making samples on top of the kitchen counter, and teleworking from the family room!

I believe that entrepreneurship and motherhood are a match made in heaven! Both are unpredictable, messy, exhausting, and amazing! One day they give you the chills, other some scares, and thrills, but above all bliss.

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Starting a business in a nutshell

  1. Every business needs to solve a problem that its customers face.
  2. You must explain what the problem is and how your product or service solves it. What are its benefits, features, and unique selling proposition?
  3. A successful idea has proprietary features that give you a competitive advantage like patents, exclusive agreements, or licenses.
  4. You must have a price structure. High-end? Low-end?
  5. Find a niche, focus on a group that would benefit the most from your offer, and test your idea.
  6. Write a business vision, create a mental image of how important it is for you to open a business, reflect on the activities that will make you happy, fulfilled, and proud of yourself.
  7. Set business goals, imagine your business one year from now, what does it look like? What about five years from now.
  8. Find the right team. From employees, suppliers, vendors, maintenance, and asset protection. You need to think about who will help your business thrive and prepare your taxes!
  9. Make a marketing plan, look at your business goals, and write down a step-by-step process on how you will achieve them.
  10. Set up your website, social media business profiles.
  11. Focus on your ideal client, it is more than having likes and followers, it is about targeting the right audience.
  12. Create lead magnets and network but above all be authentic and true to your vision!
  13. Always include a call-to-action (CTA) to inspire, educate, or excite your audience.
  14. Practice your elevator pitch, your deals, and promos before a meeting.
  15. Always Plan for Success and you shall have it.

The more solid your business plan is, the easier it is to design a successful marketing campaign because business goals are marketing goals!

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Back 2 Work Mom is a Business Incubator

I aimed to help women startup businesses grow and succeed by providing free mentorship, expertise, access to investors, and in some cases, marketing strategies in the form of website audits, social media feedback, marketing templates, and SEO.

I have more than 25 years as an entrepreneur, analyst, consultant, and over 1,650 hrs. (and counting) as a mentor for small businesses.


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