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Nice to Meet You


Hi, I’m Gaby nice 2 meet you!

I studied International Relations in Mexico City, and have more than two decades of experience as an entrepreneur, teacher, analyst and as a government official for Mexico and the U.S.A.

I loved my work.

In 2010, I moved to Texas never expecting a 180-degree shift unbecoming who I used to be, you could say I got lost in translation the same as Bill Murray’s Bob aching to reconnect with life, suffering from cultural and language differences (I honestly thought I was bilingual, I now admit that I was as bilingual as a toddler), bored and lonely despite the constant carpooling, school volunteering, PTO meetings, part-time jobs, and waiting for my kids to go to college so I could go back to work full time…

Well, my child is a year from going to college, my youngest one is entering high school so my time to go back to work has arrived.

But it hasn’t been easy, is not a simple thing to do you know? No matter the credentials, the mommy gap is there.

Setting aside the emotional and exhausting reality of what implies to look for a job, I’m decided to turn my stay-at-home into a Back 2 Work Mom

Welcome to my adventure 🙂


Back to Work


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