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The Mommy Bias

The Mommy Bias, a.k.a the motherhood penalty is a term used to summarize the systematic disadvantages that moms face at work: unequal pay, different benefits, lack of promotions, and all these because mothers are perceived as less reliable and less committed to work extra long hours because we need have to take care of the kids.

More than bias is discrimination, at recruiting and in everyday practices.

But for everyone out there who still believe that mothers are not a good hire let me give you five good reasons why you should reconsider:

  1. Moms are maximizers, we do more with less and usually with a very tight budget.
  2. Moms are productive, we don’t have time to waste around the coffee bar, we get things done the right way that fast way.
  3. Moms are go-getters, we cut the fluff and go through the important items and get it done.
  4. Moms are respectful of everyone’s time, we don’t procrastinate because we have limited time to get all done.
  5. Moms lead by the example, we don’t preach, we act.

Feel free to tell me more good reasons why companies should hire more mothers.





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