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How to Start a Business

I help stay-at-home moms to start a business because small businesses are the backbone of a nation and they make communities thrive! Anyone with passion and drive can become a successful entrepreneur as long as they put their mind writing a business plan and focusing on the kind of product and service that serves their customers.

You don’t even need office space anymore! Most of us are working from home, making samples on top of the kitchen counter and teleworking from the family room!

As fun as it might seem, I know that for us, moms entrepreneurs, it could be a daunting process. We have so many doubts and questions about what types of businesses can we look into, if we need to hire employees or we are flying solo.

Besides the business structure, moms have an extra layer of stress triggers involving time management, family chores, motherhood stereotypes, and of course, income. However, most of the stress that comes from being a working mom can be alleviated when thoughtful planning and a support system are involved.

Yes, you will have to read and do your research on which legal entity you need to use for your business and protect your family finances. But I’m here for you with a library full of entrepreneurship resources at your disposition.

more than 50 % of small enterprises fail in the very first year. more than 95 % of small startups fail within the first five years


3 Reasons Why Moms Do Not Start A Business


Whether you’re worried that you aren’t good enough as an entrepreneur or that your product isn’t good enough to be competitive, the fear of not being good as a business owner stops you from success.

I can help you rediscover skills and declutter your mind to get rid of unwanted baggage.


You don’t need a lot of money to open a business, you can start with less than $500, Customers are becoming more comfortable purchasing items and doing business online.

Think about online or digital products or services, start small and remember that you don’t need to be the perfect business mom. You can start small with your home-based business, and you can potentially grow it into a full-time business.


Being a mom is a full-time job, but we live in a time where there are more business ideas for moms than ever. You can do the heavy work while your baby is napping or sleeping and the fun stuff involving the entire family creating microcontent on Instagram or Facebook to reach other mothers.

I believe that entrepreneurship and motherhood are a match made in heaven! Both are unpredictable, messy, exhausting, and amazing! One day they give you the chills, other some scares and thrills, but above all bliss.

What I Do

I’ll be right there for you, from idea to business, mentoring you throughout the process, and helping you reach your target audience and get clients!

Sadly, having an amazing product or service is not enough to push sales up. Market research and social media marketing are needed to convince your audience to buy from you. Analytics? Ads? Instagram? Facebook? TikTok? SEO Optimization?

The more solid your business plan is, the easier it is to design a successful marketing campaign, because business goals are marketing goals!

I have over 25 years as an entrepreneur, analyst and consultant. I can mentor you throughout your business plan and marketing strategy to grow your business.

  • Business planning.
  • Best tips on social media marketing strategies.

I help my clients reach their audience and get clients.

How I do it.

Suscribe to my newsletter and reserve your spot, I only have 20 openings per month for home-based businesses for moms.

Why only 20? Well, the length of time it takes to start a business is usually between a month or two, after that, mentoring continues at a different pace.

  • 1:1 mentoring to set clear business goals.
  • Email or Videoconference.
  • Help to define the ideal client.
  • Business idea, validation and launching strategy.

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The Ultimate Guide to Starting your Business

small business sign, guide to starting a business, money.   

Learn how to:

Find a business idea.
Narrow your target market.
Describe your vision.
Build a digital marketing plan.
How to set up prices, expenses, and finances.