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  • What is Back 2 Work Mom All About?

    When a woman wants to start or grow their business, the odds of securing funds are scarce but when you are a mother, the chances are heavily stacked against us. My Mission is to transform women owned businesses into seeds of social change, economic development and stability of their communities. That is why I founded B2WM

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Mentoring Heartbreak

This past couple of weeks have been difficult, a roller coaster set of emotions. I knew since the beginning that mentoring was not going to be easy. For me, it is not a business or a chore. It is a purpose. I’ve experienced the heartbreak that accompanies closing your business

Motherhood, College and Business.

This is what motherhood looks like for me: caring for my kids and juggling to accommodate routines, schedules, work, graduate studies, and running a business. I am a stay-at-home mom entrepreneur and organize my day around school hours, (virtual or not), short meetings, and long nights.  That is how I

Brace Yourselves: Summer is Coming

Summer is coming and with it, lots of procrastination and lovely interruptions every now and then. No more online school to keep the kids kind of busy while you try to work from home during these unusual times. We live in Texas, and without summer camps or places to go

Want a Home Office More Peaceful?

Every single article for a productive home office starts with scheduling chores and errands, automating as many of the domestic duties as possible, and to outsource as much as you can so your home office runs smoothly. Of course, the advice was before the pandemic. Today, finding ways to make

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